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Neon Genesis Evangelion x Wendy’s

Damnit Shinji! Stack those square patties! For those who aren’t too familiar with the Smug Wendy’s Girl meme the fast food restaurant Wendy’s twitter account went viral in 2017 after an unhappy customer took issue with the chain’s slogan of “Fresh, Never Frozen.” and then an interaction with Hardee’s aka Carl’s Jr. in which the former’s twitter account blocked Wendy’s. After which the population of the internet has became convinced that the iconic red headed pigtailed mascot was in fact a “smug anime girl”. And the rest is history!

Now check out this sweet mash up video from Otaku-Vs which combines the classic anime series ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ with the Smug Wendy’s Girl! Now excuse me while I go get myself a couple of double stacks, a baked potato with chili, and a frosty!

[Source: Otaku-Vs]
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