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Next “Ace Attorney” Game Goes to Feudal Japan

After the three “Phoenix Wright” games, “Apollo Justice,” the Edgeworth “Investigations” spinoffs, a crossover with Professor Layton, and “Dual Destinies,” where else is there for the “Ace Attorney” series to go? Why, back in time, of course!

That’s right, the next game in the “Ace Attorney” line is heading back in time to Japan’s Meiji period. It looks like Phoenix Wright isn’t the first defense attorney in his family line, as players are put in his ancestor’s shoes, and we’ll undoubtedly encounter characters who look strangely similar to their modern-day descendants.

While the series creator, Shu Takimi, took a break from Dual Destinies, he’ll be back and running the latest project.

Not much else is known about the game yet, but we do have some character art and a video, which introduces our new lawyer and a woman we can only assume is his assistant. (Any relation to the Fey family? Hard to say this early on.)

As with Dual Destinies, this game will be available on the 3DS, although there’s no word on whether it’s download-only, like Dual Destinies is, or if it will be available as a cartridge.

Also of note is localization – the previous games have often struggled with localization, as the English versions insist the game is set in America, in spite of having Japanese locations, samurai-based TV shows and prosecutors (Blackquill would not seem out of place in this upcoming game), and so on. (As lampshaded in this Awkward Zombie comic.) Taking the game directly to Meiji-era Japan would make American localization pretty much impossible, so will they simply give up the farce, or will there be some explanation? Just as long as the game does get released in English, the fans will be happy, but it is not yet confirmed for a western release.

We’ll know more as more information becomes available. Until then, we have this preview video to enjoy.

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