Ruel Gaviola

Ruel is a writer based in Southern California. He loves board games, books, cooking, traveling, Star Wars, and date nights with his wife. He writes for Geek & Sundry and iSlaytheDragon, podcasts for The Five By, and his name rhymes with Superman’s Kryptonian name. Follow him on Twitter and read his blog.

August, 2019

  • 9 August

    A Treasure Trove of Fun Awaits You in Wreck Raiders

    Your team of divers is busy bringing up treasures and seashells from a shallow lagoon filled with shipwrecks. Can you collect the most valuable treasures for your exhibit? Will you have enough seashells to display for your local museum’s aquarium? Or will your opponents sink your dreams of fortune and glory as they procure all …

  • 1 August

    Bubble Tea Brings Real-Time Boba Mania to Your Tabletop

    The line of thirsty customers grows longer and longer at your tea shop. Can you juggle all of their orders and mix their drinks perfectly before your co-workers do? Based on the Taiwanese bubble tea scene, Bubble Tea is a real-time game of pattern recognition and puzzle solving. You take the little shaker and roll …