Fandom of the Month Club August 2015 Mario Theme Review


So I decided the other day that I wanted to try something a little different and wanted to get one of the geek jewelry subscription boxes. I make jewelry and wanted to see what was in them, since one day maybe I’d like to get some of my jewelry in them. I didn’t really know …

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Umbrella With a Vintage Western Pistol Grip


You seen those umbrellas with the sword hilts right? Now here’s a few with handles that look like vintage western guns. They’re pretty cool looking and for those of us who are fans of westerns, they’re perfect!

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Marvel Comics Umbrellas


It doesn’t get too rainy here in SoCal (in fact we’re still in a pretty bad drought) but when it does…it usually pours. So when those rare times we get some rain we need to scramble for an umbrella, so how about getting one with some panache.

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C-3PO Change Purse


While C-3PO can be quite the fussy protocol droid, it can keep your change quite safe. At least the change purse version can.

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Firefly Serenity Fleece Stadium Blanket


Soon Fall will be upon us and the weather will be getting chilly. Also if you’re planning hitting up an outdoor concert then perhaps this Firefly Serenity Fleece Stadium Blanket would be perfect for you.

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Genderswap Sixth Doctor Cosplay dress


Check out this amazing Doctor Who Dress from Frockasaurus on Etsy, this brilliant Femme Sixth Doctor Who cosplay set, a custom made, genderswapped version of Colin Baker’s outfit including a jacket, corset/waistcoat, necktie and skirt. This would be the perfect Cosplay or for a night out showing off your Whovian side.    

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These Legend of Zelda Kicks are a Must Have!


While we’re not likely to ever have something as cool as a Triforce ... you can own these Kicks Of Courage by Pancake Squad.

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Nike Confirms Release of ‘Back To The Future’ Sneakers


Nike auctioned off 1,500 pairs of a limited edition of the shoe back in 2011. Some high-end sneaker shops later sold the 2011 edition for $5,000.

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Culture: Some Awesome G33k Fashion By The Black Scottie


While we were at Wizard Word Reno recently we had the opportunity to stop by and check out the booth for The Black Scottie.

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N7 Armor Stripe Parka Is Stylish And Functional


Features include: Removable hood with adjustable strap cord and faux coyote fur, Removable 100g insulated quilted lining, Armour stripe on right sleeve, Waterproof exterior, and more!

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Geeky Christmas Shirts


Growing up I always loved wearing Christmas shirts. I own so many Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer shirts it’s kinda funny. I am a huge collector of geeky shirts so this year when I started seeing shirts like this on Daily Shirts shops and in stores I got sooo excited. I wanted to share with …

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25 Geek Approved Hoodies for Fall


In lieu of the season change we've brought you a list of 25 Geek-Approved hoodies for the new season.

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My Little Pony Loungefly Purse Review


  I was a My Little Pony Fan in the 80’s when I was still a wee one. I collected all of them, I still have boxes of them from my childhood. I have been glad to see them keep the ponies alive in all the different styles they have done over the years. Even …

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