Chat with Bryan Singer!

20th Century Fox announced that director Bryan Singer will be chatting with fans questions via Twitter. Starting 10:30 A.M. PT/1:30 P.M. EST, fans can tweet questions to Singer using the hashtags #XMen and #AskSinger.

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Leap Motion Controller Review

The Leap Motion Controller is being talked up a lot lately as the next step in how we interact with our computers. Sadly that isn’t quite the case. The problems for me started with the software. It isn’t built in so windows plug and play software can recognize it. You have to go to a …

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Windows 8.1 Update Has an Official Release Date

The first big update to Windows 8 has an official release date of October 18th. There is several changes unfortunately Microsoft is still not bringing back the start menu that everyone is familiar with. For a full run down of all the changes check out the link below.

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