Google to Design New Self Driving Car

Google has been tweaking its self-driving car project for years, but now it's taking another big step. Later this summer it will start testing prototype vehicles it's designed from the ground up, instead of merely retrofitting existing vehicles.

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Solar Panels You Can Drive On!

You Can Drive Over This Parking Lot Paved With Solar Panels If you've scampered barefoot across asphalt on a sunny day, then you know driveways are already absorbing plenty of solar energy. What if we could actually harness it?

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Emails Detail Google’s Working Relationship with NSA

If Google wasn’t cooperating with the National Security Agency’s spying program, as the company has vehemently claimed again and again, why were the guys in charge of each organization emailing so much in 2011 and 2012? That’s the question raised by a series of emails between then-NSA director Keith Alexander and Google chairman Eric Schmidt …

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