You Know Whaaa

You Know Whaaa-

Gallery: Meet NVS


Recently I got to hang out with the local Northern Nevada K-pop dance group NVS!   NVS was created in Sparks, Nevada in 2014.  After some changes in the last couple years the group has finally narrowed down to 5. Junior Gonzalez, Eddie Robles, Jeff Am-Is, Josh Lopez, and Tylar Batalon.  All 5 gentlemen are …

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TV: Live Action ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ in Works at Hulu


If you’re a fan of Brian K. Vaughan (Ultimate X-Men and The Hood) and Adrian Alphona‘s (Captain Britain and MI: 13 and Uncanny X-Force) ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ comic book series then you’re in luck!

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Scum & Villainy Pop-Up Restaurant in Hollywood


Looking to grab a meal with the rest of the universe’s scum and villainy? For a while you can, because a temporary pop-up Star Wars inspired restaurant called the Scum & Villainy Cantina will be coming to Hollywood, CA later this winter!

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Game: New Metal Gear Game from Konami


It looks like even without Hideo Kojima, Konami is planning on keeping the Metal Gear franchise around (at least for another installment). At Gamescom 2016 the company unveiled ‘Metal Gear Survive’. 

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Marvel’s Next Major Storyline Event…’Civil War II’


It looks like the Marvel Universe is going to see it’s second Civil War in it’s upcoming event series. Billed (rather uncreatively) as ‘Civil War II’, the Daily News reports that during Marvel Comics’ secret semi-annual editorial retreat that the big event in question will be killing off a major character.

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Official Mega Man Headphones


Wanna rock out like Rockman aka Mega Man? Check out these sweet Mega Man themed headphones found on EMIO that’s designed to look like part of the Blue Bomber’s iconic helmet.

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First Look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel’s Doctor Strange


*Updated With More New Photos & Concept Art*

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Kevin McCallister All Grown Up


Cute little Kevin McCallister has now grown up and well…hasn’t exactly been the same since his time in New York City. He has gotten…a bit darker. In fact Marv (one of his former victims/tormentors) has grown increasingly worried and paranoid about the return of an adult Kevin. Just check it out for yourself below! Marv Merchant's message to …

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The New Star Wars Holiday Special That We Deserve & Droid Day


Now that ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is set to premiere in a few short days (or if you’re one of those lucky ones who got to see it early), perhaps it’s time to revisit the idea of a new holiday special?

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The Entire 50 Character Roster of ‘King of Fighters XIV’ will be Playable at Launch


If you’re familiar with the King of Fighters video game series then you know it has a HUGE cast of characters. Recently Famitsu sat down to talk with the ‘King of Fighters XIV’ battle director Yasuyuki Oda to get some more insight on the upcoming game and it looks like we’re going to be getting …

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Crystal Pepsi is Back!


This is not a test! Crystal Pepsi is back! I repeat! This is not a test! Yep! Crystal Pepsi is back! There’s just one catch though.

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Two New Posters & Promo for ‘Sherlock: The Abominable Bride’ Special


Two new posters have been released by the BBC for the special ‘Sherlock: The Abominable Bride’. Benedict Cumberbatch (Jungle Book: Origins and Doctor Strange) and Martin Freeman (Whiskey Tago Foxtrot and Funny Cow) will team up once again as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in this holiday special which takes place in the year 1895.

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New Webseries ‘Street Fighter: Resurrection’ Announced


As Capcom Cup 2015 ends, executive producer Yoshinori Ono announces that they have partnered up with the team that brought us ‘Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist’ and Machinima to produce a new webseries centered around the upcoming ‘Street Fighter V’.

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Third Round of ‘Street Fighter V’ Beta to Open Soon!


Looking to get in a few rounds of ‘Street Fighter V’ in before the launch? You’re in luck because Capcom has announced that they’ll having the third round of beta tests for both the PlayStation 4 and PC from, “12/18 12:01 AM PT (8:01 AM GMT) until 12/20 @ 10 PM PT (12/21 @ 6 …

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New Showrunner Announced for Marvel/Netflix’s Upcoming Iron Fist Series


Have you been enjoying the Marvel/Netflix shows thus far? Looking forward for more? It has just been confirmed that Scott Buck (Dexter and Six Feet Under) will be taking on the job as showrunner for the upcoming Iron Fist series!

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New Trailer for ‘Street Fighter V’ Shows Off Entire Launch Cast


And so we have the finalized line up for Capcom‘s upcoming ‘Street Fighter V’! To celebrate this special occasion the developers have released a new trailer which showcases the entire launch case.

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Get Your Hands on the Twelfth Doctor’s New Sonic Screwdriver Soon!


The Doctor has a new sonic screwdriver! And being the Whovian that you are, it’s a good bet that you want a replica of your very own to go with that spiffy costume of yours (or for display).

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The Twelfth Doctor Gets a New Sonic Screwdriver


Wasn’t a big fan with the Doctor’s new sonic sunglasses? I didn’t mind it too much but knew a lot of other Whovians who were up in arms about it.

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New Trailer & Gameplay Footage of ‘King of Fighters XIV’


A lot of things were revealed at yesterdays PlayStation Experience. One of which was the first playable build of ‘King of Fighters XIV’ (which attendees recorded via their cellphones) and a new trailer for the fighting game.

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F.A.N.G. Revealed as the Final Launch Character for ‘Street Fighter V’


Annnnnnnnnnnd the final launch character for ‘Street Fighter V’ has been revealed during the PlayStation Experience today! F.A.N.G. joins the melee as part of the Shadowloo organization who uses poisonous attacks to take on his opponents.

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