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DC Comics celebrates Batman’s 75th anniversary by announcing a new weekly Batman title!

batman_eternalThe new series titled Batman: Eternal and will run for a year and play host to revolving writers throughout the series. Dc heavyweights that include John Layman, James Tynion IV and the series mastermind Scott Snyder, who currently writing the critically acclaimed regular Batman. Snyder explains Eternal as “a place for me to be able to work with good friends in terms of shaping Gotham in a bigger, grander and more game-changing way than ever before.”
The series will “be a place where you get to tell a story about anything you want in Gotham, so long as we’re also moving this big story forward in the background,” the writer told USA Today, adding that Eternal will also “set the stage for a new Gotham and new characters and a new set of stories that will take Batman into 2015.”
DC has experimented with limited-run weekly series before from Action Comics Weekly in the 1980s through more recent series like Countdown to Final Crisis and of course the new 52..
DC is also will releasing Detective Comics #27 this January, an oversized issue featuring work by not only Snyder and Layman, but also Brad Meltzer and Bryan Hitch (retelling Batman’s origin), Batman: The Animated Series writer Paul Dini, Frank Miller among others.
Batman: Eternal is scheduled for Spring 2014.

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