Deadpool Movie Trailer Released in HD

Several weeks ago, the trailer for the Deadpool movie was leaked from Comic Con. While the leaks were shut down quickly, it still generated enough excitement that we were promised an official version in HD soon.

Well, that glorious day is upon us. The released red band trailer is just as entertaining as the leaked one, but now much easier to see. Check it out below, if you haven’t already skipped reading this part to just view the video.

It is worth noting that a few clips from the leaked trailer are not in this version. Specifically, the Stan Lee cameo (best not to spoil that before the movie anyways), Deadpool calling Colossus a rather unkind name, and his reaction to Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s codename (spoiler alert: he likes it).¬†Make of that what you will, then remember that you’ll be seeing it on the big screen anyways when the movie comes out, and watch the trailer again.

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