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ScrewAttack’s Death Battle makes a Huge Announcement

It doesn’t get any bigger when it comes to some heroes. In the most recent Death Battle: Darth Vader vs Doctor Doom, Screw Attack announced its time for the fictional rematch of the century.

Confused? Let me help.

In this fight, they are giving Goku the epitome of his power, Super Saiyan God. More powerful than ever, Goku will clash against the world’s most famous superhero.

But will it be enough?

In the honest opinion of this writer, there is no way in hell. If you want to know why. Watch the first match here:

At 31:08, Wiz said it best:

They are both ultimate heroes…and achievers of the impossible. The difference is at the core of their character, Goku has never been invincible. He has very clear limits, and must overcome those limits to solve the problem at hand. On the other hand…Superman is as strong as he needs to be.”

So while this is going to be a beautiful visual spectacle, it will not be anything new. Superman will emerge victorious like he always has. And I say that as a fan. I cannot wait to see it happen again. And I cannot wait for the rage after the fight is over.

If you’re wondering about that, check out the comments on the YouTube Video. Over 750,000 comments of (nearly) pure fan rage.

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