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TV: DareDevil Season 2 Review

Before we jump into a weekend of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we at G33k-HQ thought you might like a view at Daredevil Season 2.
Or Daredevil: Featuring The Punisher & Elektra.

Now, this season of Daredevil is complicated. Good, but complicated to talk about because of exactly how much it has to do.

It has the responsibility to introduce new, more serious characters who will weave a narrative of the B list heroes of Marvel while still giving us easter eggs and an amazing season.

Somehow, not only did it do this, it did it in a way that made me care for almost every episode.

Daredevil is tricky for Marvel since he is one of the most obstinate of the heroes when it comes to no killing. He is essentially the Batman of the Marvel-verse.

The reason this is so vital is everyone in Marvel has killed. From the god of thunder to the patriotic boy scout. For Murdock, killing is murder. There is no middle ground to him.

That is why this season was so incredibly crucial on many levels.

It’s theme is legitimately compromise. It is a season where ideals, beliefs, convictions, and battles bring to head the idea of sometimes you can’t force yourself onto another.

Characters that were introduced like Elektra and Punisher let us have a halfway origin story in a way that Jessica Jones left fans wanting.

It introduced both, took them seriously, and they were crucial, not just sidekicks to the titular character.

Kingpin’s involvement and potential scheming sets up plots for a future Defenders arc by demonstrating his brilliance.

Of course, the mix of all of these characters was something that really blended this well making it what Phase One could have been for Marvel, more specifically Iron Man 2.

The best part for me is that it built up the vigilante problem in such a way that it set up Civil War into the forefront where the bigger heroes need to answer it sooner or later.

The season dropped hints and blatant connection in ways that was tasteful without becoming a burden like in season 1 of Daredevil or in Agents of Shield.

Without spoiling anything crucial, Daredevil was the blessing fans needed by scratching an itch that was left by Jessica Jones for some fans.

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