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You Know Whaaa…Ronin-Expo 2017!

From Danny Gonzales and the folks who brought you Ninja Con comes a new convention to the scene! It’s Ronin Expo and held in the Little Tokyo district in Downtown Los Angeles California at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC). It had a nice cozy vibe and with bigger events around the corner like Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con it served as the perfect appetizer. It’s also great for cosplayers who want to test out their upcoming costumes and see what needs some final tweaks.

It was a pretty warm day but with the provided tents which offered shade and local eateries which had cold drinks and treats it was tolerable. I actually enjoyed the outdoor dealers space but would had preferred the artist alley itself to be held downstairs near the garden area of the JACCC building. Speaking of which the garden area of the venue is great for photographers to snap some awesome pics.

Highlights of the day included the entertaining masquerade hosted by Celeste Orchid of Bunny Over the Moon. It was a bit disappointing that the scheduled fashion show got canceled but we heard that it’ll be something to look forward to next year. With that said we can’t wait for Ronin Expo 2018 to roll around! Will we see you there? We sure hope so!

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