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Event: RAGECon Is Almost Here!!

It is almost time for RAGECon year four. This year the event is moving to the Sands Regency Hotel in Reno. We have been covering this event for the last couple of years, looking forward to all the new tabletop games. Below is the official Press Release and some of my photos from last year. …

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ConReview: Planet Comic Con

Planet ComicCon is the hidden gem of the Midwest convention scene and a must go; it’s on the level of Phoenix, C2E2, NYCC and Emerald City. Homegrown love for this con with a solid, incredible cosplay crowd cemented PCC as the best darn con around! Start saving next payday, engage with your cosplay planner, get …

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ConReview: Momocon

Atlanta hosts many cons more than just Dragon Con, with Momocon as one of the more popular conventions held down on PeachTree. Momo had over 71,000 attendees last year and this year was even bigger! Anime, comics, video, animation and cosplay lovers among many others convene World Congress Center for 4 full days of fun, …

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Road to ID10T: The Comic Scene

   With the upcoming summer convention scene, the G33k-HQ crew started to examine what new conventions were coming over the horizon. With all of the others that are happening in June, one caught our eye, for multiple reasons, ID10T. A new comic and music festival by convention veteran and overall nerd Chris Hardwick. While new …

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Fan Film: Resident Evil Siren’s Song

Keep calm and shoot ’em in the head… Resident Evil: Siren’s Song is a horror/gaming fan film being shot and produced in Northern California. Written by Shaun Patrick of Sacramento Film Armory and Directed by Robin Ventura, the goal of Siren’s Song is to bring the gamer experience of Resident Evil to film and give …

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ConReview: Northwest Indiana Comic-Con

Northwest Indiana Comic-Con, a mid-west smaller con is jam-packed with artists, vendors and a serious amount of intense cosplayers and photographers. Keeping true to their small entrance fee ($8 per adult, $2 per child) and link to comics, creators and fandom lovers NWI ways away from actors and celebrities. The tight-knit Indiana and Illinois cosplay …

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Review: Nerd Fest 2

I Traveled with the Geek Fashion Show to Fresno’s Fulton 55 for Nerd Fest 2. The event was put on by The Artourage, a local events, and promotion company. The 21 and up event was May 12, 2017 held at the 2 story Fulton 55, 875 Divisadero Street in Fresno. The event provided a safe …

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Event: INTERGALACTIC EXPO (IGX) 2017 Is Almost Here

Approaching fast is Intergalactic Expo held on May 17th in West Sacramento. This convention is different from other that it concentrates on Science Fiction and the family experience. We look forward to performances from nerd rapper DaRealWord Sound and Costume Contest hosted by the Cosies just to name a few of the activities at this …

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The Ghosts Betwixt A cooperative and soloable Dungeon Crawling tabletop game set in the 1990s haunted heartland.