You Know Whaaa…Scuba Steph as Bane at WonderCon 2018

As we go into San Diego Comic-Con 2018 next week, we look back to WonderCon earlier this year. Considered by many a preview of SDCC, it was a fun and relaxing convention and we had a great time. We saw some awesome cosplays and did a few photoshoots.

One of these photoshoots we did was with Scuba Steph of the Nerdbot Girls as Bane from the 2012 Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. She takes on the mask and vest of the man who broke the bat. Be sure to catch Scuba Steph every week on Thursdays at 9PM PST hosting ‘Nerdbot Girls Draws’ on the Nerdbot Facebook page. Photos are by Michael Pao of MPao Photography!

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