$2.5 Mansion Comes With a Real Live Bat-Pool

Even Bruce Wayne didn’t have one of these at stately Wayne Manor; a Bat-Pool! Why not feast your eyes on this $2.55 million Hinsdale, Ill., mansion that has a luxury swimming pool stamped with Batman insignia. It’s known across the country as “the Batpool.”

This custom pool must have cost a pretty penny.  When money is no object, you can tend to be a little extravagant.  We’d love to purchase this ourselves, we’re just a couple millions short 😉

Even without its famous Batman pool, the home itself holds plenty of attraction: classic English-style architecture, elegant detailing, lush gardens, a tennis court and one incredible gazebo.

Built in the Chicago suburb in 1932, the home features four bedrooms, five bathrooms, generous living and entertainment spaces, and is built on 1.7 acres.



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