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Art: Fun New Infographic; ‘Christmas Cards from Fictional Characters’

Have a look at this great infographic from the folks over at, that shows Christmas Cards from some of our favorite shows sch as Star Wars The Big Bang Theory, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and more.

We’re probably all guilty of writing those mundane Christmas cards, filled with the standard messages wishing our loved ones well and for a Happy New Year, but what happens in those situations where a message like that just won’t cut it? Not everyone has it so easy, we can’t imagine that when Luke sits down to write his annual Christmas card to his father, Darth Vader, the words flow so smoothly. So what would he say? Here at we wanted to imagine what some of the most renowned fictional characters of our time would put in their Christmas cards. From addressing those awkward love triangles, to wishing your estranged (always trying to kill you) father a Merry Christmas. Have a read and discover what your favourite fictional characters are writing in their cards this Christmas…
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