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Art: The Real Costs of Video Game Fashion

Check out these great infographic pieces that show us “The Real Costs of Video Game Fashion.”

From Sunglass Warehouse:

Video games are rarely based in reality—imaginative countries, unknown beasts, not to mention the swagged out characters all come together to create a world you can only believe. Many video game lovers opt to adapt the screen life to reality, whether through cosplay or fan art, and while replicas like fake swords and bombs are simple to DIY, we got to wondering what the cost of real life equivalents are. While we still haven’t built a Master Chief exoskeleton suit, Link’s Ocarina can be yours for less than the price of lunch. See our breakdowns below for some popular video game characters.



These wonderful pieces of art come from Sunglass Wearhouse. Be sure to head over to their site to get a break down with information for each of the characters.

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