Author’s Join Together to Offer Online Treats this Halloween!

Writer and Storyteller M Todd Gallowglas has always been a fan of Halloween and if you take a look into some of his work, it’s clear to see that the holiday has made quite the impression on him as an artist.  This year, Gallowglas has teamed up with some of his fellow writers to offer “Halloween Jack’s Genre Goody Grab Bag”, an online event that will offer FREE and discounted ebooks!

“Those who are familiar with my storytelling show know that Halloween is near and dear to my heart. Well, I can’t very well give out candy via the Internet; however, I can give out something equally as awesome: FREE and DISCOUNTED books. I’m gathering together some of my writer pals to offer up some great bargains on their ebooks for the darkest night of the year.” – M Todd GallowGlas

The list of book is quite extensive and intriguing, and the best part, it’s still growing!  Gallowglas says that altogether readers will have access to approximately a dozen free and discounted books this weekendfrom the following authors:

M. Todd Gallowglas
Jay Swanson
S A Hunt
Christopher Kellen
Terry Simpson
Frances Pauli
Luke Matthews
Michael Coorlim
Traci L. Loudin
Mark Gelineau & Joe King
Gregory S. Close

Well, it’s looks like I’m going to be a bookworm for Halloween this year!  I can hardly wait!

On Halloween Day, Gallowglas will post images and links to all available books and to the participating authors’ websites.


For more information please visit the facebook event page at:

Or Gallowglas’ website at:

If you are an author and want to participate, please contact Gallowglas at either of the links above!

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