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ConReview: Cheyenne Comic Con 2016

#C32016, Cheyenne Comic Con, cosplay, Marvel, DC Comics, Anime, Anime cosplay, gaming, gamers, Avengers, Spiderman, Captain America, X-Men, The Joker, Arkham Knights, 18Wyoming’s first con, Cheyenne Comic Con, happened 13-15 May, 2016 in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the Little America Hotel & Resort. Attendance was high with on fleek cosplay!

Cosplay guests were hot, with IBOTks, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, Danny & Heather Kelley, Kristi Kai, Nicole Marie Jean, Jennifer Van Damsel,DC Doll, Dezcreepcore mingling and providing fab entertainment in gorgeous costumes!

Cheyenne cosplay varied in genre from Anime favs to Lobo, Marvel Avengers to DC Comics villians with TV and movie characters rounding out the costume presence. The uber popular Star Trek simulator ran almost all night throughout the weekend with games, computers, panels and talks happening non-stop. Awesome celebs were friendly and approachable, especially Manu Bennett, Ryan Hurst, Kristin Bauer, Ernie Hudson, Naomi Grossman and so many others.

This convention was fun, well run, meticulously planned, organized and maneuvered – earning a 4.3 out of 5 thumbs up.

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