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ConReview: Dragon Con 2017 Review; Gallery 1

Dragon Con 2017 in Atlanta, GA was as phenomenal as expected in their 30th year.  DC 2017 successfully incorporating science fiction, comics, art, the annual parade, cosplay, gaming, art, film, literature, music and all things popular culture into a 5-day annual event attendees trek towards every year.

Panels, contests, film previews, free gaming areas, a food room for all con goers and massive amounts of free cosplay photo shoots by incredibly talented photogs are just a few of the sweet deals you’ll experience at this con of all cons.

Cosplay favs this year centered around Game of Thrones characters, Amazons, huge Netflix groups, Rick and Morty pickles were everywhere and the Marvel shoot hit an all new record number of participants. Fantastic costumes could be seen during the infamous Bunny Hutch, Georgia Aquarium DragonCon Night, Thursdays Pajama Party, The Superhero Forum gathering and so many other night time gatherings that build camaraderie, networking and create cops lay stars!

Next year dates are August 30-September 3rd and passes can be grabbed right now for $85 a piece! Get ‘em while they’re cheap, ‘cause prices can jump up to $145 at the door. Luv SDCC? Then you MUST experience DragonCon at least once in your life to feel the excitement and real feels all cosplayers experience when posing, cosplaying and talking ‘cosplay’ with fellow costumers. Come feel the love at DragonCon 2018!!


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