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ConReview: Wild Wild West Con

The huge immersive steampunk convention, Wild Wild West Con, is held at the Old Tucson Studios in Tucson, Arizona.  Cosplay and character-centric, this convention is perfect for those desiring More interactive character costuming.

Gallery 1 is full of breathtaking colors, great backdrops, inspiring backgrounds and amazing costumers. Fantastic and creative, attendees cosplayed, making sure to evoke their characters behaviors.  Costumers were extremely appreciative and any of all people wanting to take the photograph.
Nestled deep in Saguaro National Park – it is A great place to take a hike too if you find some time during the day!

This convention gets a 4.5 thumbs up on five, it’s costuming is incredible, great climate and camaraderie. It doesn’t take too long to get here if you’re flying through Phoenix or Tucson, both are within an hour to an hour and a half of each other.


Come on Y’all, get here next year! It’s amazing !!!

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