Court of the Dead Court Critters Collection Riazz & Skratch Statuette Two-Pack

Love the details in these new Court of the Dead Court Critters Collection Riazz & Skratch Statuettes.

Court of the Dead Court Critters Collection Riazz & Skratch Statuette Two-Pack:


Estimated to arrive
 2nd Quarter 2020


Product Description
From the original Court of the Dead line, Sideshow presents Skratch and Riazz into the Court Critters Collection. Riazz is the feline familiar to leader of the Faction of Bone, The Great Osteomancer, Xiall and Skratch is a playful hound and the faithful companion to Oglavaeil, Death’s Executioner.
From the ball of yarn bound up like a skull to her rune-inscribed collar, the Riazz Statuette has extraordinary detail. Her tail curls up in a beautiful geometric shape, as if to playfully mirror the order that Xiall desires. Riazz wears a mischievous grin, hinting at her true nature – very similar to that of cats from the Mortal Realm.
The highly-detailed Skratch Statuette depicts the Underworld hound on his best behavior, sitting obediently. His prominent spine arches as he curls his tail around his crimson body. He is eager to play fetch with an etherea-infused bone that he must have dug up (likely much to Oglavaeil’s chagrin) in some nearby graveyard. 
Product Features
Riazz 5 inches (12.70cm)
Skratch 6 inches (15.24cm)
Based on Sideshows origianl Court of the Dead line
Features extraordinary detail
Riazz has armor on her legs, in case of a spat
Skratch’s eyes are aglow, flaming with ethereal excitement
Box Contents
Riazz statuette
Skratch statuette

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