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Fashion: Adorkable LEGO Little Black Dress

Have a look at this well done “little black dress” made from 12,000 LEGO Technic bricks 7,000 of which are “Technic liftarms, pieces with rounded ends and holes running down the middle.” The dress is made by builder Brian D’Agostine, and modeled by his wife.

“My wife was a willing participant in showing it off.”, Augustine said. “I made her a handbag to match and added a few small touches. I then complemented her with my own LEGO built belt, bowtie and glasses.”

“But is it comfortable?” D’Agostine relays this review from his wife: “On the first day my wife answered the comfort question by saying, ‘It’s not UNcomfortable.’ By the second day though it seemed to be fitting better and she agreed that it was comfortable, though maybe not for frequent use.”

You can read more about it here.

*Updated* I must apologize for the miss spelling of the builders name. Sorry for the inconvenience and please go over to his original article and show this incredible builder, , some love for this amazing one of a kind dress.



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  1. I’m a little offended that you got my last name wrong, despite it being in the text and on my linked website.

    • I apologize profusely. I have corrected the mistake in the article. I never intended for the misspelling, but sometimes mistakes happen. The article has been updated with the correct spelling. Quite honestly I wrote it the way I seen on the original article on Fashionably Geek and that was my personal fault for not double checking and fixing before the article was posted here. Again I am very sorry, was never my intent to offend or misspell your name.

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