Fashion: Check The Full Adidas Game Of Thrones Sneaker Line

Thanks to, via Kotaku, we get our first real look at the full “Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost Collection.”

Inspired by six of the show’s most prominent houses or groups of characters, there will be an iteration for the Night’s Watch, the White Walkers, House Targaryen, the Targaryen’s dragons, House Stark, and House Lannister. Along with color schemes that are representative of these pivotal figureheads, each creation boasts a phrase or sigil from each the likes of “Winter Is Here” for the menacing White Walkers, and “Hear Me Roar” for the debt-paying Lannisters. Other special details include GoT-branded custom insoles as well as one final house-specific detail underneath each tongue whether it be by way of a phrase or a signature crest.

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost “White Walker”Release Date: Spring, 2019Style Code: EE3708

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost “House Stark”Release Date: Spring, 2019Style Code: EE3706

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost “House Lannister”Release Date: Spring, 2019Style Code: EE3710

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost “Targaryen Dragons”Release Date: Spring, 2019Style Code: EE3709

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost “House Targaryen”Release Date: Spring, 2019Style Code: EE3711

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost “Night’s Watch”Release Date: Spring, 2019Style Code: EE3707

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