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Fashion: Zombie Entrails & Unicorn Poop Stuffed Scarfs

These Zombie Entrails & Unicorn Poop Stuffed Scarfs have to be the best thing we have seen today. These awesomely adorkable scarfs are part of a new  Kickstarter where you can pick up either for right about $50 pledge.

Each Stuffed Scarf is a custom designed, high-quality plush featuring either Doodle the Unicorn or George the Zombie (of course, you can name yours whatever you want!). The real magic is that each Stuffed Scarf plush transforms into a neck warming scarf!

The scarfs themselves are exclusive custom fabric designs by Fun to 11. Instead of going with a pre-existing fabric design or the cheap route with digital printing, we created a custom roller printed fabric design which leaves our heavy-weight fleece scarf material fluffy and soft. You can’t find our custom fabric designs anywhere but these scarfs!

Stuffed Scarfs were designed in-house by Fun to 11’s own Jordan W Martin. We took Jordan’s designs over to Jon Schindehette at ArtOrder to turn them into reality. We have already gone through many prototype designs and are finally ready to share Stuffed Scarfs with the world!








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