‘Black Panther’ Jewelry and More

Looking to rock some Wakanada fashion? Inspired by ‘Black Panther’ the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this collection from Merchoid is indeed quite marvelous.

The Fight Tooth and Claw Necklace looks down right fantastic and also quite affordable as well. Made of zinc alloy, it’s priced at just $26.99.

Then there’s the Get Your Claws Out Forearm Cuffs that you can equip on your arms. Might we suggest a pair for double the fun? Made of plastic and zinc alloy, it attaches with adjustable velcro and priced at $29.99.

Now if you want a set of claws of your own, there’s the Nailed It Replica Claws which are adjustable to fit and made of zinc alloy. A whole set for both hands will run you $24.99.

Also included in the collection are are a hoodie, shirt, hats, a mug, backpack, handbag, socks, wallets, and even an umbrella. Wakanada forever indeed!

[Source: Merchoid]
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