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Gallery: Back To The Future 80’s Party

While on our way back from lunch today in Downtown Sacramento, we noticed an event popped up in our Facebook news feed for a “Back To The Future 80’s Party” at Back to the 80’s Store & more, so of course we had to stop by and check it out. It was fun to see so much retro 80’s represented all in one place. I would have to say that the main draw was the DeLorean cars including one from Back To The Future movies. The store was packed with 80’s toys, music, posters, and various memorabilia that definitely took me back to that decade.

All photos in this gallery taken by Carla Mac

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Always a geek...for as long as I can remember. Always a writer...only just now doing so publicly. Always playing cosplay and the opportunity to portray my favorite characters. Always learning...moving forward, taking chances, and becoming better at being me.

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