Gallery: Stan Lee’s Birthday Party 2017

Happy 95th birthday to Stan Lee, an icon, legend, artist, creator, writer and so many other hats and titles it’s incredible! Legion M spearheaded a doubleheader event this summer involving handprints in a very famous sidewalk and a true blue house party at Stark mansion in Hollywood. If you were lucky enough to win the lottery in official invites you were there in either your party hardy clothes or a cosplay. Here are some sneak shots and fun pics from Stan’s birthday party to help you relive this momentous occasion. (he even got a handmade and Marvel decorated cake from Ivy Doomkitty – lucky guy)!!!


Didn’t hear about this or other amazing events in time to partake? Keep track of goings on with Legion M on Facebook or Twitter! They are all about the fans and will definitely have more once in a lifetime haps in the future. Go hard, go Legion M!

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