Awoken : Worlds Apart A fantasy Role Playing Game homaging the classics, while refreshing the genre for a modern audience.

Sweethearts of the Galaxy Debuts!

The internet comedy series Sweethearts of the Galaxy has made its debut on YouTube! Cosplay personalities Kit Quinn and Tallest Silver have assembled an impressive team to bring this series to life. Join Katelyn (Kit Quinn) as she ventures into the convention scene, in her first cosplay, as Trinity Infinity. Escorted by her best bud Element 47 (Tallest Silver) they make their way to Comic-Con and where through an unlikely accident Katelyn ends up believing she REALLY is Trinity Infinity. Series created and written by Dexter Adriano and Michael Premsrirat.

Dungeon Drop Instant Dungeon... Infinite Possibilities! A delightful dungeon crawler for 2-4 players

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