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Tech: Amazing Interactive Hologram Display

Have a look at this amazing hologram display unit the does not require glasses and can you can interact with. This hologram display unit was built Bin Chen, Yaozhun Huang, and Miu-Ling Lam from the City University of Hong Kong.

the 3D full-color high-resolution objects generated by this setup can be viewed from any angle by multiple people all at the same time—no special glasses or headsets required. It also allows holographic objects to interact with real-world objects as well, allowing people to draw in mid-air using just their finger.

the system does have its limitations. Namely, you’ll probably only be able to use it indoors where there’s no breeze to dissipate the layer of fog that’s used as a canvas.


Interactive 3D Fog Display from miu on Vimeo.



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