Tech: Awesome Custom Computer Built In A Custom Lego Case

This is one awesome custom computer case made entirely from Legos. This is a fully customizable Lego  desktop computer was built by Mike Schropp, the geek behind Total Geekdom website.


Lego Computer System:

-Small Form Factor Design
-Intuitive Features
-Thermal Management Control

-Fully Wired Connectivity (USB 3.0, Displayport, HDMI, LAN, Audio)
-Wireless Connectivity (Wireless AC, Bluetooth)
-Optical Drive (DVD/CD Combo Standard, Blu-Ray Optional)
-Front USB 3.0 Ports

-[Memory] Minimum 8GB RAM and Supports up to 16GB RAM
-[Processor] Latest Intel  Core i3, i5 and i7 Processors
-[Storage] Multiple SSD Drives (optional HDD storage drive)
-[Graphics] Intel HD4600 Graphics

-High Efficiency Energy Star Level 5 Rated Power Supply
-Low Energy Usage

-Easily Capable of Handling Multi-Tasking (Office, Internet, Video, Etc)
-Easily Able to Playback HD 1080P Video (1920×1080)
-Supports 4K Resolutions (4096×2160)
-Multi Monitor Support (HDMI + Displayport)
-Geared to Light-Medium Gaming
-Built-In and Intuitive System Backup
-Supports Windows 7/8/10 & Linux Support





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