Video: Unboxing HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook

Here is a quick video of the unboxing of our HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook.  All the details and specs are outlined in our previous article here.  So far all of us over at G33k-hq are happy with the performance of the new laptops…the added cool factor of the Star Wars design is just gravy.  I’m actually writing this article on the machine that we just unboxed half an hour ago 🙂  So far the laptop is meeting expectations.  The Star Wars extras included like trailers and screen backgrounds are very nice.  As we said in the video, if you look around you can get a very fair price on this machine…so much so you aren’t even paying a premium for the Star Wars branding.  Basically you’re getting an i5, 6 gb mem, 1 tb hard drive, backlit keyboard, built in webcam, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 & 2.0 ports, an optical RW drive, media card reader, and HDMI all for under $600.00.  That is a good deal no matter what the case looks like.  Thanks to our menagerie for their support (someone has to sniff everything and make sure it’s safe!) and big thanks to Agent P for helping us get the new machines in our stable!


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