Boba Fett Movie Unlikely to Start Shooting Until 2020

When word broke out that we’re going to be getting a Boba Fett movie fans of the bounty hunter from a galaxy far far away were pretty excited. And while it’s pretty awesome that we’re finally going to be seeing a Boba Fett stand alone movie, don’t break out the streamers and cake just yet.

According to Omega Underground, this James Mangold (Logan and Knight and Day) project won’t be going into production any time soon. In fact, it likely won’t start shooting until some time around 2020. Yep…that’s going to be quite a long while.

One of the reasons is because Mangold is looking to start production on his next film ‘Ford vs Ferrari’ in California this summer. Which means he’ll be pretty busy for a while.

After that, then he’ll be ready to tackle the movie with the Fett man! Which means, with how everything is looking to fall in place…we’ll likely get the Boba Fett film in theaters around 2021? We’ll keep our ears open and report back when we hear more!

[Source: Omega Underground]
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