“Mystery Science Theater 3000” Launches Revival Kickstarter

Is it the not-too-distant future yet? Because Mystery Science Theater 3000 wants to return to the Satellite of Love with all its bots, hosts, and mad scientists.

Joel Hodgson, the original host of MST3K, has launched a Kickstarter to try and bring back the show. Following the Kickstarter-based revivals of other classic shows, the goal is to fund, produce, and release up to 12 new episodes, where they riff on old movies that really have it coming.

Backer rewards start from the basic things like thanks, but up in the high thousands, a small handful of backers can actually purchase the puppets used in the episodes. And yes, people are already starting to claim those, so act fast.

MST3k_itstinks2While the project is ambitious, and will require $2-5 million (how much they raise will determine how many episodes they can make) the MST3K fanbase is still strong, having already raised well over $400,000 on its first day. At this rate, we can expect a new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 soon.

Of course, the spirit of MST3K lives on through RiffTrax, which has recently begun adding classic episodes of the series to the website every Monday. The guys at RiffTrax have given the project their support, although they are not involved in the revival project.

For more information, check out the Kickstarter on BringBackMST3K.com, and keep circulating the tapes!

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