Awoken By Last Hold Games Is Live On Kickstarter

You have seen us talk about Last Hold Games upcoming fantasy role playing board game Awoken over the past few weeks, and we are excited to say that you can head over to Kickstarter and pledge to bring this one of a kind RPG to life.

Awoken: Worlds Apart is a Fantasy Role Playing Game that throws 4 to 7 Players into a dangerous world as themselves. Players will need to find their way home, becoming epic heroes along their journey and uncovering a dark plot to destroy this new world. Awoken is designed by Ethan Cox and illustrated by Nur Iman and Nic Morales.

Ripped from Earth and dropped into this unforgiving world, Players must traverse the landscape and discover a way home. Each Player chooses 1 of 10 classes, learning unique abilities and gaining special powers through the classes’ dedicated Factions. Players work together using their newfound powers to journey on epic quests, unearthing evil plots, defeating terrifying creatures, and bringing either peace or destruction to this world.

What sets Awoken apart from classic RPGs?

Awoken has a host of new and unique mechanics not seen in classic Role Playing Games. These mechanics make game play more fluid and allows players more freedom with character personalization.

– Righteousness Score:

Replaces classic Alignment with a fluid “karma” score that rewards and punishes players for their game-play. These rewards and punishments in no way force players towards a certain style on play.

– Inventories:

Replacing Weight Management in a fun and artistic way.

– Item Cards:

Three card sizes are used to illustrate item size and are to be placed in players’ inventories.

– Combat:

Overhauled combat system means dealing and receiving damage alongside Awoken’s magic system allows players to breeze through low level combat, feel more powerful in fights, and still be challenged by equal and high level encounters.

–  Guaranteed Damage Table:

This mechanic guarantees Players damage when they make great Attack Rolls! No longer do you have to be disappointed with 1 damage after a great attack. 

– Magical Attacks:

Awoken has a video-game-styled magic system with a Magic Pool that lowers with each cast spell and regenerates each new turn. This allows for dynamic Magical combat and doesn’t restrain players with a set number of daily spells.

– Skill Trees:

Weapon and Magic Skill Trees are used to track player progression with their chosen Weapons and Magics. Players do not have to stick to set class proficiency or a certain set of spells. These Skill Trees allow players to try their hand at ANY weapon or magic.

– Character Creation:

The very first character a Player creates isn’t a Dwarven Warrior or an Elven Rogue instead, players create themselves. Through the story arc players are ripped from Earth and teleported to this new world of Magic and Mystery.

– Character Leveling:

Leveling up is centered around time spent alive in this world. As each Class is connected to a faction, the more time spent, the higher up the rungs a Player progresses, the more abilities they unlock. When unlocking new abilities, Players will be sent on specific quests (often Solo Quests) to unlock this new ability.

Head over to Kickstarter to learn more and get yourself a copy of Awoken!

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