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Score a Touchdown with the ‘Mutant Football League’ PAX Prime Trailer

Remember that old school horror/post post apocalyptic video game ‘Mutant Football League’ (or the cartoon)? It was pretty fun and for me that’s saying something as I’m not that big of a fan of sports games. To kick off PAX Prime, a trailer of the new game has dropped! Mutants and monsters take to the field to play a version of football which includes maximum carnage and so much fun!

We also learn that single player mode will offer players thirty teams to chose from in a thirteen game regular season, plus playoffs and the blood splattered Mayhem Bowl! In addition there will be online and offline multiplayer support up to four players in competitive and co-op modes. Now that’s a touchdown of awesomeness! For those of you at PAX Prime, you can check it out at their booth (#6813). ‘Mutant Football League’ will be for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Steam.

[Source: Mutant Football League]
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