Game: You Can Now Become A Planeswalker in Dungeons & Dragons

Thanks to a new Dungeons & Dragons supplement from Christopher Willett you can now easily become a Planeswalker in your next Ravnica campaign. The supplemental gives us a way to incorporate mana colors as well.



The newest supplement from Christopher Willett provides Dungeon Masters and Players with tools for incorporating Planeswalkers into their Ravnica campaigns. This book includes: 

A new Planeswalker background with a color based alignment system.

Your color grants you access to exclusive spells. 

Every spell in the Players Handbook is categorized by their corresponding color on the color wheel. 

Statblocks for 8 planeswalkers who are active on Ravnica including Jace Beleren and Gideon Jura. 

5 new spells inspired by cards from Magic: The Gathering

2 brand new magic items

3 new monsters

Head over to to learn more or purchase a copy yourself for $5.



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