Gaming: Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailers Add Monsters Inc., Tangled

“Kingdom Hearts” fans are used to waiting. Every new tease for what could be the third game in the series has a good chance of just being another updated re-release or tie-in game that partially adds to the lore, but every now and then, we get another glimpse at what’s to come.

Which is why fans were so excited with the release of new trailers for “Kingdom Hearts III,” which dropped in the night. The trailer reveals new story information, new looks for many of the characters, and a new world that introduces “Monsters Inc.” to the franchise.

In addition to cutscene footage from that and “Toy Story,” viewers can also see Sora fighting alongside Rapunzel and Flynn from “Tangled,” although there’s no sign of a frying pan smashing Heartless yet.

Fans may also begin celebrating the return of Vanitas from “Birth By Sleep,” and even the dream eaters from “Dream Drop Distance.”

Check out the full trailer below, then let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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