Hungry’s Battle for Greyport Review

There are lots of games that I really enjoy, many that I will ALWAYS play, but there is one game that is hands down my favorite game. This includes theme, art and gameplay. Additionally the publisher is a group of awesome and responsive people. I am talking about Red Dragon Inn by Slugfest Games. This is the only game that I do not even hesitate to back a new expansion, or pre-order from their website. I love this game.

So when I saw that they had put out a deck builder, adventure game in the same world with the same characters as RDI I was in. Now I could actually have the adventure preceding the tavern time. Awesome. Needless to say, expectations were EXTREMELY high. So did Battle for Greyport live up to the hype? No. That said, my expectations were ridiculous. I was initially disappointed by the game, but after time, and some plays and a not a little bit of perspective, I have come to realize that this is a good game. So let’s get to it! As always I will not spend much, if any time, dealing with the mechanics of the game, as there are plenty of videos and reviews dealing with that already. 

The Good

This game nails it thematically. I absolutely feel like the heroes are out there leading the citizens to the defense of the city against the hordes of evil. The art is wonderful, just like in the main game, but it pivots from goofy and silly, into adventurous and “serious”. I put serious in quotes because it is serious in a cartoon-ish way. Next, it manages to bring in some things to the deck building game that feel different from others. This is the only one I have played that lets every hero act on every turn, but only the person who is “active” gets to refill their cards. I love this, because it is so reminiscent of RDI. When you play RDI and you use your cards on someone elses turn, you have to wait until yours comes around again to redraw, and if you take a beating in the mean time, so be it. This game also has good variety to it. There are a myriad of enemy decks to choose from, and a plethora of bosses (especially if you add the Pirates! expansion). The replay value is high here. Finally, let’s talk about the difficulty. It is hard. Even easy is hard. I like this challenge. Before the expansion came out, this would not have been a good thing, because at that time the game was almost impossible. However, they made some changes to the rules and the game is now just really hard, and you do have some within the rules options to make it easier. (also I love this about Slugfest, that they were able to own up to missing the mark on the rules here, and they listened to their fans.)


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The Middle of the Road

Let’s start with the rulebook. To me, it is not the easiest thing to find rules quickly. I sometimes find myself flipping around trying to find things. I have seen worse, far worse, but I have seen better. Next, I want more of my favorite heroes to play as. I appreciated getting the pirates in the game, and I am excited about the upcoming new character, but I want to play as the characters from RDI 2, 3, 5, 6 etc (I mean everyone wants to play Gog!). Goodness there are so many incredible characters, let me play them! I also wish that there was a little more variation in the starting decks, just a bit more to differentiate the characters. My final middle of the pack is the card purchasing. It feels a little odd that the upgrades are purchased with coins. I dunno, but it seems like the idea of stopping and buying something during a fight is odd. This doesn’t take away from the joy of the game, it is just a little hiccup in the immersion.

The Bad

Happily, I do not have much here. Before the rules errata came out, I would have said the difficulty, some of the quests just were impossible, but as mentioned that has been mitigated, though it is still hard. My biggest negative is the footprint on the table. Man this game takes up a lot of space, I have never gotten to play a full 5 player game, but I can only imagine it will be huge.

Bringing it all together


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This is a good game. I had forgotten about it until I got Heroes of Terrinoth, and as I was playing I realized that BfG had a lot of similarities, and in my opinion, did it better. I sold HoT, and have gone back to Greyport and I have no regrets. The game is very challenging, and it will benefit from the release of more character decks down the road, but at the discounted price you can get it now, it is absolutely worth your time. It takes a game or so to really figure out basic strategies, and it can be a little bit fiddly to set up, but if you like RDI, and you enjoy deck builders this is a huge win.

Gog not like read so much!

*This is a good game. It is very challenging, but it is fun.
*It nails the theme. You really feel like you are in the world of Red Dragon Inn. The art is great
*The mechanics of purchasing new cards seems a little out of theme, but just slightly
*The rulebook is ok, but could be better. I would just watch a video rather than try to learn from the book. 
* Game has a large table footprint

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