Magical Kitties Save the Day! An Upcoming Tabletop Game

If you like cats, and or tabletop games, then you will want to check out the Kickstarter for Magical Kitties Save the Day!.


You are Cute. You are Cunning. You are Fierce. You are Magical Kitties, and it’s time to Save the Day!

Every Magical Kitty has a human. Every human has a Problem. In Magical Kitties Save the Day, you need to use your magical powers to solve problems and save the day!

But kitties live in Hometowns that are filled with Troubles like witches, aliens, and hyper-intelligent raccoons. Troubles make Problems worse, so the kitties need to go on adventures to take care of the Troubles before that can happen.

Magical Kitties Save the Day is a roleplaying game designed for all-ages. Older players — whether they’re parents, babysitters, teachers, or older siblings — can be the Game Master for kids as young as six-years-old and everyone else who loves kitties. If you’ve been looking for a way to introduce your friends and family to roleplaying games, Magical Kitties is the perfect game to do it!

You’ve never played a roleplaying game, either? Purr-fect! Magical Kitties includes a lot of tools — including a solo play module so that you can start playing within moments of opening the box! — and guidance for both first-time roleplayers and first-time GMs. Whether you’ve played board games with roleplaying elements like Mice & Mystics or T.I.M.E. Stories, watched actual play videos, or just think roleplaying games sound like a lot of fun and you want to give them a try, Magical Kitties can be your first step into a larger world.

The $25 STANDARD EDITION is the version of Magical Kitties Save the Day you’ll find in retail stores next year. It includes everything you need to play the game. 

The $50 DELUXE EDITION is packed full of high quality component upgrades (wooden tokens, custom dice) and a bunch of bonus content, including the Power Cards. Most of the physical rewards from stretch goals unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign will be exclusive to the Kickstarter Kitties receiving the Deluxe Edition.

If the game interest you, be sure to head over to Magical Kitties Save the Day! Kickstarter and learn more!

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