Metal Gear Solid: Day One Edition Tabletop Game Pre-Orders Live

The upcoming board game Metal Gear Solid: Day One Edition by IDW Games has their pre-orders live on Amazon for $134.99.

Metal Gear Solid: Day One Edition

by IDW Games

  • For 1-4 players, ages 14+
  • 60-90 minute playing time
  • A cooperative, stealth action board game
  • Take the on role of solid Snake and his allies as you relive the events of the Shadow moses incident
  • Strategize with your partners and exploit you characters’ unique skills in order to bring down fox Hound and destroy metal gear Rex
  • Ai controlled genome soldier and Boss encounters provide almost infinite replayability
  • 30 highly detailed miniatures including the massive metal gear Rex
  • Limited pre-order window

From the manufacturer

Strategize with your co-op partners and then allocate your characters’ activation tokens onto their Hero sheets. This indicates the actions you’ll take on your turn.Next, each player will perform their selected actions in any order, and resolve any combat or interaction dice rolls that are required.After all players have gone, draw and reveal the top card from the patrol deck, or in a boss encounter, the boss deck.Resolve the genome soldiers’ actions, or in a boss encounter, the boss’s actions, including any combat dice rolls that are required. Continue until you’ve successfully exfiltrated the current mission, or defeated the boss!

Product description

Metal gear Solid: the board game is a fully cooperative, tactical espionage action game for the tabletop. Designed by renowned board game designer Emerson matsuuchi (reef, Spector ops, the century game series), metal gear Solid: the board game captures the tense stealth action of the video game while challenging players to work together to sneak through difficult levels and defeat fearsome bosses.

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