Gaming: Pokemon Go Teases Sinnoh & Meltan

While “Pokemon Go” is currently treating its players to plenty of psychic and ghost-type Pokemon for Halloween, it’s also been setting the stage for things to come.

First, the company teased the appearance of the 4th generation of Pokemon in a video. While it starts off with brief teases for the three starter Pokemon (Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar), it also ends with a quick glare from the ghost/dragon-type legendary, Giratina.

Additionally, following the strange appearance of multiple Ditto transformed into a mysterious new Pokemon called Meltan, the Pokemon YouTube channel has been revealing more information. This includes a mysterious box that will be appearing as quests for “Pokemon Go” players, as well as a video hinting that Meltan has another, much larger form.

Meltan, it should be noted, appears to be part of the tie-in between “Pokemon Go” and “Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee.” Exactly what purpose it will serve has not yet been revealed, but more will be made clear in the coming days.

As for the Sinnoh Pokemon, we can likely expect to see them soon. Last year, the first 3rd generation Pokemon began appearing around Halloween as well, with the appearance of the Shuppet and Duskull lines, so the 4th gen is right around the corner.

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