Saibou Card Game Review

Saibou is an upcoming card game about cells. Yes, we said cells, we are going back to some basic biology with Saibou.


Saibou may be a simple game, but it is rather fun. The goal is to be the first player to build a 3×3 grid of cells. Players accomplish this by playing cell cards from their hands, each cell card has a different combination of colors that makes you only able to play certain ones next to each other as the colors must match. Building your 3×3 grid of cells may sound simple enough but be careful as other players will hinder your progress by playing bacteria and virus cards that attack your cells. You can defend your cells by playing cards that can stop a virus or bacteria from advancing, or even a card that will transmit the disease to players cell grids. The game is seemingly simple but has a fun strategy and puzzle feel to it, that will keep you entertained. 

The Good:

Saibou is a fun, fast-paced game that is easy to learn. The art, although simple looking, is really fun and fits the game’s theme perfectly. We love the small size of the game, making it perfect to travel with.

The Not So Good:

The “Not So Good” we found was really mainly the box, the box is pretty thin so can bend or rip easily. The only other thing to mention is that the game might be hard for the color challenged individuals as it is a color-based game and has a lot of similar colors on the cards. 


If you are looking for a travel-sized, fun, fast-paced game easy to teach and pick up, then Saibou is perfect for you!


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