Shardhunters – The Card Game

Recently came across this new game Shardhunters – The Card Game on Kickstarter and was intrigued so I thought I would share it all with you.

Shardhunters – The Card Game

Simple & dynamic gameplay, exclusive artwork. Love dark fantasy card games but don’t have much time? This 20-minute game is for you!


Here’s how we keep the gameplay flowing: 

  • All actions happen simultaneously so you’ll never have to wait for the other players.
  • There’s no handicap for new players, the game is easy to learn and because 7 Monster cards are always out of the game, players can’t tell what’s in their opponents’ hands by memorizing the cards that were previously played in a Hunt.
  • There’s no stealing in this game. In Shardhunters as soon as you have a Monster, a Hero or a Bloodshard it is yours alone and nobody can take it from you.
  • We’re keeping it simple so you can enjoy the game and the time with your friends. With only 2 active Heroes allowed per player, you don’t have to remember a thousand things at once. What matters for you is your cards plus a handful of Hero abilities that can also alter other players’ gameplay (e.g. reducing the value of all yellow cards in play) 
  • You can’t drop out of the game, everyone will be in play until somebody wins.
  •  Monster cards are completely language independent.

Be sure to head over to Kickstarter to learn more about Shardhunters – The Card Game/

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