The Entire 50 Character Roster of ‘King of Fighters XIV’ will be Playable at Launch

If you’re familiar with the King of Fighters video game series then you know it has a HUGE cast of characters. Recently Famitsu sat down to talk with the ‘King of Fighters XIV’ battle director Yasuyuki Oda to get some more insight on the upcoming game and it looks like we’re going to be getting access to the entire roster at launch. Yep! All fifty characters who was advertised in the latest trailer will be playable. Oda goes on to say that the full cast has already been decided and they tried to include as many characters as possible.

Oda also touched a bit on why they decided to move to 3D and stated that they felt it was natural because game hardware in recent time has gotten a lot better. He also goes on to say while they didn’t really have much past experience with 3D fighters, they hope to rectify it with this game. ‘King of Fighters XIV’ is due to launch sometime in 2016.

[Source: Famitsu]

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