Awoken : Worlds Apart A fantasy Role Playing Game homaging the classics, while refreshing the genre for a modern audience.

Culture: New Geeky Plush Bouquets From ThinkGeek

  ThinkGeek has released a new line of plush bouquets just in time for you to get your geeky significant other for Valentines Day, or just because ;). Star Wars Plush Bouquet 3.0: Plush Kitten Bouquet 2.0: Plush Science of Love Bouquet: Plush Dragon Bouquet: Plush Book Bouquet: Plush Unicorn Bouquet 2.0: Plush Planetary Bouquet: Plush Corgi …

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Gallery: Stan Lee’s Birthday Party 2017

Happy 95th birthday to Stan Lee, an icon, legend, artist, creator, writer and so many other hats and titles it’s incredible! Legion M spearheaded a doubleheader event this summer involving handprints in a very famous sidewalk and a true blue house party at Stark mansion in Hollywood. If you were lucky enough to win the …

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Gallery: Walker Stalker Con 2017

Walker Stalker Convention New Jersey 2017   This past weekend I covered the SOLD-OUT Walker Stalker Convention in New Jersey. This zombie and horror fan fest is a con made by the fans for fans, and is a celebration of many of our favorite Television Series. The convention was held for two days at the …

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Dungeon Drop Instant Dungeon... Infinite Possibilities! A delightful dungeon crawler for 2-4 players