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Con: Big WOW ComicFest 2014

Who is excited for this weekend for Big WOW ComicFest? With over 150 guests including names like Daisuke Ban , Charlie Adlard , Arthur Adams & Many more. Featuring events like a costume contest and gaming tournaments. With 5 panel rooms and panels from Q&A to Cosplaying on a budget.


  • Over 150 guests
  • Comic Dealers
  • Inking Panels
  • Painting Demos
  • Batman Museum
  • costume contest
  • art auction
  • Kid’s Corner

Big Wow Exclusives

Nicole Brune Print

11×17” convention exclusive.  Limited to 100.  Priced at $20.  “Star Girls” is a composite of Nicole Brune’s pieces “Daddy’s Little Princess”, “Who’s Scruffy Lookin’” and “I’d Rather Kiss the Wookie”. Available at Booth #402.

Mike Hampton Godzilla Print

You can pick one of these up at Booth #408! Prints are $5 each and limited to only 20!
No matter what you like about g33k culture, you will find awesome stuff, great booths, panels, and wonderful cosplay!
The Ghosts Betwixt A cooperative and soloable Dungeon Crawling tabletop game set in the 1990s haunted heartland.

About rpleasant

A would-be writer, who enjoys living the geek life and indulging in comics, cosplay, anime, and more. He hopes to one day have something created that other people can enjoy and review, but until then continues to work on various projects such as parodies and short stories.

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