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The Internet Mourns and Remembers Alan Rickman

While most around the world were still mourning the untimely death of the Goblin King, David Bowie, the world took another hit when news of another celebrity death surfaced.  The world stopped as our hearts felt heavy with grief after learning that Alan Rickman has passed after a very short battle with cancer.  The news spread rapidly across the internet as people everywhere, celebrities and commoners alike, mourn the death of such a fantastic man.  Below is a composition of some of the most emotional and commemorative tweets on the shocking loss of a legend.

If Emma Thompson’s tribute to Alan Rickman doesn’t get you emotional, then you have no soul!



Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson had plenty so say in respects to their departed co-star.



This blew my mind!







Rest in Peace, Alan Rickman. May your legacy live on for centuries.



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