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Anime: Ace Attorney Anime Announced for April

HOLD IT! We have shocking new evidence that could turn this case around! Well, maybe not necessarily turn a case around, but at least make some Ace Attorney fans very happy, with the announcement of an Ace Attorney anime.

At the Tokyo Game Show, CAPCOM announced that the Ace Attorney series will be getting an anime, which will air in April 2016 in Japan. Though the studio and cast have yet to be announced, the news is already making waves with fans of the games.

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In the Ace Attorney world, trials take place over a three-day period, with a “guilty until proven innocent” system in place. Phoenix Wright, the protagonist of the games, must prove the innocence of his clients against increasingly convoluted and complicated murder schemes, and against increasingly challenging prosecutors. He’s joined by his assistant Maya Fey (the younger sister of his mentor, Mia), and in later games, young attorneys Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes. How many of them will be included in the anime is still unknown.

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The Ace Attorney games have also spawned a live-action movie, several manga adaptations, and a takarazuka stage show.

Additionally, the sixth Ace Attorney game was recently announced, with a new promo released alongside the anime announcement.


Source: Ace Attorney Game Franchise Gets TV Anime in April 2016

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