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Anime: Digimon Adventure Tri News and New Art Released

There’s more news on the upcoming Digimon Adventure Tri anime, the continuation of the original Digimon Adventure (and 02) anime. Along with a new picture, showcasing all the Digidestined and their Digimon partners, we have some more news about what to expect in the new season.

First and foremost, we have word that the original voice actors will return. Naturally, this is only for the Japanese version, as no word on the dub has been announced yet. However, in a “Did You Know” video about Digimon, Joshua Seth, the voice actor behind Tai in the dub, stated he would be willing to return if asked.

Additionally, it was revealed that two songs from the first season will be heard again, although they will be new versions for the new anime. “Butter-Fly,” the original opening theme, and “Brave Heart,” the song played during Digivolution and action sequences, will be performed again.

Last but not least, we have a new poster, showcasing all the character designs. Not only do we get a good look at the eight Digidestined, we can see their Digimon as well, and while some designs are rather different from the previous anime, they are still recognizable.

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Still no word on the Digidestined from Adventure 02, though, so we’ll see if there’s any news on that later.


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